What we do

The overall mission of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) is to promote better understanding of the links between conservation and poverty linkages in order to improve conservation and poverty policy and practice. The learning group pursues its mission through a range of activities.

Tea pickers working on a plantation near Boystwon. Wayanad District, India. Photo: Steenbergs


One of the key activities of the PCLG is to collect information on poverty-conservation issues for our network members. Browse the Resources section of this website to find more information on publications, organisations, initiatives, events and much more - all relevant to poverty-conservation issues.

PCLG Meetings and events

The PCLG periodically organises or supports learning events that tackle key issues of relevance to Learning Group members.

PCLG Publications

The PCLG regularly publishes a directory of Poverty/Conservation organisations and initiatives. We also periodically publish discussion papers – usually outputs of research that we have been involved in. Our site also includes other publications related to our work and/or supported by PCLG.

PCLG Research and advocacy initiatives

Where possible the Learning Group will support - or engage in - research and advocacy initiatives that are in line with our core mission of better understanding and fostering learning on poverty-conservation links. 

PCLG Newsletters

Three information bulletins, PCLG News, BioSoc and PCLG Monthly Journal Digest provide regular information on the work of the PCLG and its members, as well as general updates on poverty-conservation issues, and recent research findings and publications on biodiversity and society, poverty and conservation.

What we're about

The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group is an international network of organisations that promotes learning on the linkages between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

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IIED The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group is a project coordinated by IIED.

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During the current financial year (to March 2014) the PCLG website is funded by the Arcus Foundation, UK aid, Sida and Danida, however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of these organisations.

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