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A bibliographic database - with more than 1800 titles - provides details of the literature on conservation-poverty linkages. It can be searched for publications by key word or by theme.

Poverty/Conservation Organisations

An organisations database – with more than 300 organisations listed - highlights the range of organisations working on conservation-poverty linkages, including donor agencies, conservation organisations, NGOs, indigenous people's organisations and grassroots groups. The database can be searched by key word or by organisation type.

Poverty/Conservation Initiatives

An initiatives database – with more than 30 initiatives listed - describes significant international initiatives designed to explore the links between conservation and poverty reduction, from broad poverty-environment programmes to focused single-issue agendas. The database can be searched by key word or by implementing organisation.

Poverty/Conservation Events

Many organisations are exploring the links between conservation and poverty. This page highlights details of recent and forthcoming meetings and events.

Tools and methodologies

This page provides details of tools and methodologies that are relevant to the field of poverty-conservation linkages. The topics covered are biodiversity assessment, socio-economic impacts of conservation, planning tools, valuation tools and collections of tools.


The following pages provide links to other resources that people with an interest in poverty and conservation issues might find useful. The links are to relevant sites, members institutional sites, databases, networks, professional associations and so on.

Biodiversity-Poverty evidence database

As part of our project on biodiversity-poverty evidence we have been conducting a systematic mapping exercise of the literature on biodiversity and poverty. The database includes details of the studies reviewed including: summary information, bibliographic details, details about the component of biodiversity and dimension of poverty addressed and the mechanisms used to link them, details about the research design and key issues covered.

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The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group is an international network of organisations that promotes learning on the linkages between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction.

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IIED The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group is a project coordinated by IIED.

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During the current financial year (to March 2014) the PCLG website is funded by the Arcus Foundation, UK aid, Sida and Danida, however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of these organisations.

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