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Working through U-PCLG, using Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park as a case study, the project entails a combined programme of research and capacity development for policy advocacy which is intended to improve policy and practice in a number of areas:

  • Improved research capabilities for evaluating success and limitations of integrated conservation and development (ICD) activities in conservation and poverty alleviation
  • Improved targeting of ICD interventions for more significant development impacts and more effective conservation
  • Improved resource allocation for conservation and development priorities
  • Improved national and local policy on protected area management and poverty links



On 18th November 2010, the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) convened an international workshop in Masindi, Uganda. One of the recommendations of the workshop was the formation of country level chapters of the learning group. The PCLG-Uganda was the first national level chapter to be convened in March 2011.

The PCLG-Uganda chapter is engaged in a number of activities. Here are some highlights:

  • an intern is compiling a database of conservation and development organizations in the Albertine Rift region, while a Master student has mapped where these organizations are working;
  • a briefing paper is being prepared in collaboration with ACODE on the extent of the integration of biodiversity conservation issues into Uganda’s development policy and institutions;
  • a short study of previous work on human-wildlife conflict has been completed;


In the future, the PCLG-Uganda chapter aims to:

  • expand its membership to include more development organizations;
  • hold regular meetings to facilitate the exchange of experiences on poverty and conservation issues among its members;
  • develop capacity to improve research on poverty and conservation issues;
  • generate information that can influence policy and practice in conservation and development.


Funding has been received from the UK Darwin Initiative for a new project to build the policy influence capacity of the U-PCLG. Called “Research to Policy” the project runs for three years from July 2012. The first year of the project, led by the Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC) will focus on research into the effectiveness of Integrated Conservation and Development Projects (ICDPs) in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park – particularly looking at how those initiatives have been targeted and the degree to which this has or has not influenced behaviour change.  This research builds on an earlier study published by IIED in 2010- Development AND  Gorillas: Assessing fifteen years of integrated conservation and development in south-western Uganda? The research findings will be used to develop guidelines on improved ICDP interventions. The second part of the project will entail the provision of a tailor made capacity building programme to members of the U-PCLG developed by ACODE (Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment). A series of workshops will cover: writing policy briefs, working with the media, targeting policy makers and so on.


Current members of the PCLG-Uganda

  • Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF)
  • Historic Resources Conservation Initiatives (HRCI)
  • Fauna and Flora International (FFI)
  • Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC)
  • National Forestry Authority (NFA)
  • Community Development and Conservation Agency (CODECA)
  • Conservation through Public Health (CTPH)
  • Probiodiversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU)
  • Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)
  • Chimpanze Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT)
  • Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST)
  • Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
  • Rwenzori Mountains Development Association (REMODA)
  • CARE
  • NatureUganda
  • Budongo Conservation Field Station(BCFS)
  • New Nature Foundation(NNF)/Kibale Fuel Wood Project (KFWP)
  • International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP)
  • Village Enterprise Fund (VEF)


PCLG-Uganda is hosted by the Jane Goodall Institute - Uganda.


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