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Since 2009 the PCLG has received additional support from the Arcus Foundation to help achieve three goals:

  1. To promote ongoing learning and dialogue on poverty-conservation linkages at the international level
  2. To increase attention to mainstreaming poverty concerns within conservation policy and programmes – particularly at the national level – and to build better and stronger linkages with existing initiatives that are focusing on development policy.
  3. To introduce a great ape component to PCLG - by including ape-specific elements within our core networking and information dissemination activities and by focusing our mainstreaming efforts on conservation policies, programmes and locations that are relevant to great ape conservation.

As part of this work, a workshop was held in Uganda in November 2010 which brought together organisations working on the links between ape conservation and poverty reduction from a number of different countries in Africa.

Uganda workshop report - Linking Great Ape Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: Learning from Experiences and Identifying New Opportunities

The following are some of the activites that have arisen from the Uganda workshop:

  1. Establishment of a Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group - This involves a range of conservation and development organisations working in Uganda.
  2. An African-Asian learning exchange - In collaboration with CIFOR, a workshop was held in Indonesia in January 2012.
  3. Human-wildlife conflict - We have been working to document different case studies of human-wildlife conflict mitigation measures, so that we can facilitate the exchange of experience, identify lessons learnt from different approaches, and generate ideas for new ways to tackle this problem.


An Africa-Asia Ape Conservation and Poverty Alleviation Learning Exchange took place at CIFOR campus, Bogor, Indonesia from 11-13 January 2012.  The workshop focused on linking ape/forest conservation and poverty alleviation and covered mechanisms such as reducing human wildlife conflict, encouraging ape-based tourism and investing in ape-friendly REDD+.


We have also established a great apes LinkedIn group to facilitate the exchange information, to seek help and advice, and to keep in touch on issues related to great apes conservation and its links to poverty reduction.


PCLG great apes publications:
Linking Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: The case of Great Apes. An Overview of current policy and practice in Africa.

Linking Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: A Discussion Paper on Good and Best Practice in the Case of Great Ape, PCLG Discussion paper no11, 2013

Linking Great Ape Conservation and Poverty Alleviation - Project flier



Great apes: Their fate is ours

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