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FGLG in Cameroon: addressing wildlife conservation and poverty alleviation issues


In the past decade, conservation initiatives did not make a strong link between conservation and poverty alleviation.  The Forest Governance Learning Group (FGLG) in Cameroon is an alliance of independent organisations that aims to exchange experiences and knowledge on forest governance. The group is supported by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

Over the last twelve months, the group has increased its activities towards linking conservation to development, with a high consideration on governance related issues. A workshop under the theme: “Reflection, analysis and research of solutions of mitigation of Human Wildlife Conflicts (HWC) in Cameroon” was organised. About 30 participants attended the workshop, including conservators from national parks, senior staff from several ministries (forestry, environment, agriculture, territorial administration and decentralization, livestock and fisheries); MPs, international organisations, higher institutions of learning Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences(FASA); civil society etc. During the workshop, participants were able to analyse the historical and socio-economic context and nature of HWC in order to geographically locate them, and confront the legal framework and institutional challenges of HWC management. A number of key recommendations came out of the workshop, including the integration of HWC in the legal framework or national policy; and the enhancement of institutional coordination to address the problem. In addition to the workshop, a specific study was conducted on HWC; this has enabled to better understand the challenges linked to HWC in Cameroon and their potential solutions.

Given the importance of communities’ hunting zones in Cameroon, the group intends to improve its understanding of governance within these zones and more importantly analyse their contribution to wildlife conservation and poverty alleviation.


Integrating Biodiversity Conservation into National Development Policy: A case study of Cameroon, PCLG Discussion paper no 9, 2012

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