Biodiversity-poverty mainstreaming (NBSAPs)

All parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are revising their national biodiversity strategy and action plans (NBSAPs) between 2012 and 2014.This Darwin project focuses on mainstreaming poverty issues into these second generation strategies and plans.

The new Strategic Plan for Biodiversity stresses the importance of mainstreaming poverty issues and using these revised strategies as tools to help integrate biodiversity into development strategies, and vice versa.

The project focuses on Botswana, Uganda, Namibia and the Seychelles, and is intended to build African leadership in biodiversity mainstreaming through capacity building, tools development, technical support and peer-to-peer review. It is being carried out in collaboration with UNEP-WCMC, the CBD Secretariat and the UNDP Poverty Environment Initiative.

For more information you can also visit the project page on DEFRA'a website.

NBSAPs 2.0 project outputs

Developing a business case for biodiversity - Tips and tasks for building a case for integrating biodiversity into decision-making processes and policy development in other sectors. The guide follows a simplified process for generating and presenting compelling evidence and is aimed at environment officials, practitioners and policymakers.

Ten steps to mainstreaming biodiversity  - Tips for revising your NBSAPs and to integrating biodiversity needs with development planning generally. Extracted from the Maun Statement below, this short booklet is for anyone wanting to know how to start the process of biodiversity mainstreaming.

NBSAPs 2.0 Project Workshop: Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Development. Second International Workshop, July 2013 - The full report of the second NBSAPs 2.0 project workshop. The focus of the meeting was on integrating biodiversity needs with national development planning processes.

Entebbe Statement on biodiversity in development planning - A formal statement released at the end of the second NBSAPs 2.0 project workshop in Entebbe in July 2013. The statement from the African Leadership Group sets out seven principles for successful mainstreaming of biodiversity into national development processes and plans.

A Rapid Diagnostic Tool: Biodiversity Mainstreaming -Iintegrating Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Reduction. A tool to assist policymakers and others to understand the extent to which biodiversity and development objectives are already integrated at the national level, and the obstacles and constraints that need to be overcome to promote further, and more effective, integration. The tool is also available in French and Spanish. 

Maun Statement on biodiversity and development mainstreaming  – A formal statement released by the African Leadership Group at the end of the first NBSAP 2.0 project workshop held in Maun, Botswana in November 2012. The ten steps derive from experience and good practice to date shared by the Maun workshop participants. The statement is also available in ArabicFrench and Spanish.

Biodiversity and Development Mainstreaming - A state of knowledge review - The review synthesises experience to date and highlights lessons learned that can support a strong business case for integrating biodiversity in policy, planning and budgetary processes. We invite your feedback to the review by emailing

NBSAP 2.0 Biodiversity mainstreaming project flyer - A short overview of the NBSAPs 2.0 Mainstreaming biodiversity and development project.

NBSAPs 2.0 project events

Biodiversity and development mainstreaming lessons learned: Side event at the CBD Global Workshop on NBSAPs Revision Process, 12 November 2013, Nairobi

Second Project Workshop 8th -12th of July in Entebbe, Uganda

Biodiversity Mainstreaming at the 18th Meeting of the Poverty Environment Partnership, Berlin 14th - 16th May 2013

First Project Workshop 14th -16th of November in Maun, Botswana

Mainstreaming biodiversity, poverty reduction and development: Side event at CBD CoP 11, Hyderabad, October 9th 2012

NBSAPS 2.0: Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Development is a project funded by the UK Government's Darwin Initiative ( with co-funding from UK aid. However, the views expressed herewith do not necessarily reflect the views of the UK Government.

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